West Side Research and Extension Center
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West Side Research and Extension Center


ConservationTill-Fld Day
The center has one laboratory equipped for pathology or limited wet chemistry work, including a fume hood.  Two other labs can be used for entomology work or other microscope work, or are suitable for plant or soil sample preparation or measurement work.  Soil and plant grinding areas are available in the headhouse area.  Multiple storage areas are available for equipment and supplies storage, plus specialized storage for gas-powered portable equipment or equipment such as neutron probes that require locked storage spaces. The center has a 400 square foot lath house for transplants and outdoor plant growing, two greenhouse spaces (one approximately 1,800-square-foot and the other approximately 1,200 square feet) and both are currently used primarily for drying of soil and plant samples.  One dormitory (three-bedroom, two bathroom house with clothes washer and dryer, living area (with television), and complete kitchen facilities (microwave, stove, refrigerator) are available for researchers or their assistants to use on a first-come, first-served basis. Dormitory guests must supply food, bedding, and towels.  If there are vacancies, UC employees can request longer-term use of one of the three three-bedroom, single-family residences at the WSREC.

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