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West Side Research & Extension Center (WSREC) of the University of California is soliciting proposals for new and continuing research and demonstration projects for the period January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

Located on 320 acres in the Western San Joaquin Valley, WSREC has land suitable for growing row, orchard and field crops, including vegetable crops, agronomic crops, trees, vines and turf grass. We also have some limited locations and water supplies suitable for small scale studies using saline irrigation water.  Approximately 7,500 hours of research center agricultural technician labor is available during the year to support approved projects.  The WSREC is located in western Fresno County about 45 miles west of Highway 99 and the city of Fresno and about 7 miles east of Interstate 5.

Even though the current drought has limited our irrigation water supplies during 2017, we have survived the year with our deep well and are taking a “business-as-usual” approach to planning for the next year’s research projects. If you are interested in the research opportunities offered by the WSREC location and facilities, we hope you will go ahead and submit your new research project proposals for 2018.

Webmaster Email: kstaniguchi@ucanr.edu