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Extension, Outreach & Education

The primary roles of the West Side Research and Extension Center (WSREC) are to promote and support outreach and educational programs throughout the western San Joaquin Valley. We hope to share collective information from a wide range of research projects and outreach events with all those interested in developing a more comprehensive understanding of issues impacting productivity and sustainability of a wide range of agricultural crops in this semi-arid climate zone.

Our desire is to deliver information to agricultural professionals, students (K-12 and University) as well as the general public. The center hosts a variety of workshops, conferences and forums centered on strategic topics such as pest and disease management, crop variety choices and management practices, irrigation and fertility management, drought and salinity issues and many others. Visitors can participate in research field days, tours, and equipment demonstrations to further develop an interest and knowledge base.

Those interested in developing or participating in an outreach or education program at WSREC, please contact Atef Swelam, Center Director at aiswelam@ucanr.edu or 559-884-4411 ext. 206