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Current Research

Research is currently being conducted by UCCE researchers from County and Statewide offices, faculty from UC campuses at Davis and Riverside, researchers from the USDA-ARS and CA State University campuses in Fresno and Monterey Bay.  The UC researchers represent a wide range of departments, including: Applied Engineering; Botany; Plant Sciences; Entomology; Plant Pathology; and Land, Air and Water Resources. Historically, more land at the WSREC has been devoted to cotton than to any other crop; more recently conservation/alternative tillage system research and vegetable crops research has shown considerable expansion.  Crops grown in recent research trials include cotton, small grains, corn, sorghum,  dry beans, canola, alfalfa (both for seed and forage), grapes, sugar beets, tomatoes, beans, pistachios, almonds, peppers, melons, onions, and garlic.